General Waste Collection

We encourage our customers to recognize the value in their waste and help them recycle. Our team will help assess your requirements for bins and other waste disposal containers.

General Waste Service

We provide general waste collections throughout Klang Valley

Commercial Recycling

Whatever the size of your business, you can trust that we’re the commercial waste collectors for you. We assess your general waste bin size requirements, the number of business locations and the type of waste. This ensures the waste collection service is based on the individual needs of your company.

How we work

First, we’ll perform an audit of your commercial waste streams to find the right approach. That could be anything from on-site segregation to the use of a single-stream waste bin – whatever suits your business best.

General waste bin options

  • 3 Ton RORO Bin
  • 10 Ton RORO Bin
  • XXL Lorry
  • XXXL Lorry
  • 10 Ton Lorry
  • Industrial Waste Bin 4×4

What can we recycle?

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Confidential Waste
  • All Metals
  • Wood
  • Electronics

Ready to recycle ?

Contact us today to discuss your recycling needs. Take the next step and let us know how we can help you.